Stacked Decks .Volume 1

Stacked Decks .Volume 1

We are excited to announce our first solo event, featuring the incredible talents of Lazyellow, Santo, and Swivz Nakomino. In a dynamic back-to-back DJ session, these artists will demonstrate their creativity and quick thinking, adapting to each other and the crowd. Each artist will perform a solo 90-minute set, followed by an electrifying 90-minute collaborative set. Join us for a night of innovative music and a unique experience, complete with live tooth gem artistry by DripByLum.

Friday 2nd August @ The Orange Room

Performing Artists:

Lazyellow (@lazyellow_) | Santo (@santo._._._) | Swivz Nakomino (@s.nakomino) | DripByLum (@dripbylum)

[Tickets Here]

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