'Balance' Graphics T-Shirt

Upgrade your casual wardrobe with the 'Balance' Graphics T-shirt from A Vision in Progress. This oversized tee combines comfort with a unique design that tells a deeper story. The yin-yang graphic illustrates life's journey from the free-spirited flame of youth to the conforming shapes of adulthood, influenced by society's subtle hand.

Made from soft, durable cotton, it’s perfect for relaxed days and meaningful conversations. This tee represents individuality and sparks reflection on our roles in society, making it a standout piece for your everyday look.

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Against All Odds

From an unfamiliar industry, with no previous knowledge or connections in the fashion industry, A Vision in Progress came from just an idea that began in 2020, during the height of covid.

A idea born from unpleasant working conditions, A Vision in Progress strives to provide more than just healthy work environments, we strive to help creatives on their journey and to implement systems that help individuals find their passion.

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